Meet Kayla.

It was in 2021—after a childhood filled with reading and yearning to create her own stories—that Kayla decided to act on the manuscript idea that had refused to leave her mind.

With her playlist at the ready and Melbourne's cutest cafes on her doorstep, Kayla spent her holidays writing. For a few weeks, it was all she did. Along the way, she joined #writertwt, polished her manuscript, commissioned character art and set off for the querying trenches, eager to make her stories heard. 

Now, Kayla has two indie releases slated for 2025 and 2026 (with Lake Country Press) and is seeking to traditionally publish her YA Contemporary Romance, THE PURSUIT OF POMEGRANATES.

When she's not creating Pinterest moodboards and angsty Spotify playlists, Kayla can be found obsessing over her puppy Jiji and drinking one-too-many iced mochas. 

Rep: Leah Moss @ Steven Literary

Photo by Kate Jung

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