Melbourne based Y/A writer and iced mocha enthusiast

Kayla loves a lot of things. 

Videography, photography, reading—but, more importantly—writing.

At the end of 2021, after years of yearning to create her own stories, she finally decided to act on the manuscript idea that had refused to leave her mind.

With her playlist at the ready and Melbourne's cutest cafes on her doorstep, Kayla spent her holidays writing. For a few weeks, it was all she did.

Along the way, she joined #writertwt, polished her manuscript, commissioned character art and set off for the querying trenches, eager to make her stories heard.

When she's not creating Pinterest moodboards and angsty Spotify playlists, she can be found obsessing over her puppy Jiji and drinking one-too-many iced mochas.

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